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AVATARIS - Questionnaire



Thank you for your interest in our company! We are sure that our project sounds extremely exciting to you, and that you will have excellent opportunities for advancement with a high salary. For dedicated employees, we will always outperform the competition and guarantee only the best conditions. It is important to us that our employees are carefully selected, as we prefer to have few, very well-paid employees rather than too many that do not provide good results. Therefore, we kindly ask you to answer the following questions.


The more complete and honest you answer these questions, the better your chances of joining our team. We are convinced that we can offer you a great job, but on the other hand we also demand high motivation and seriousness from our employees. So, if you already show little motivation and write uninterested answers to these questions, then we can assume that it would be the same when we would work together. We assure you that we study all applications carefully and that we also give a chance to juniors without much experience or solid educational background if we get the impression that your mindset and general skills fit.